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Seeking to protect boys, Thailand wants control over films

Jul 21, 2018

Thailand's military government, saying it's concerned filmmakers and media may take advantage of the young soccer boys who were rescued from a flooded cave, wants to control how movies portray their ordeal and heroic rescue

Investor frenzy in S. Korea over Russia treasure ship rumors

Jul 19, 2018

A South Korean company's claim to have found a sunken Russian warship has triggered investor frenzy amid speculation the ship carried an enormous amount of gold

Japan prosecutors charge Kobe Steel in fake data scandal

Jul 19, 2018

Prosecutors charge Japan's Kobe Steel for falsifying data on hundreds of products

Didi, SoftBank set up taxi-hailing joint venture in Japan

Jul 19, 2018

Chinese mobile service giant Didi Chuxing and Tokyo-based SoftBank Corp. set up joint venture for taxi-hailing in Japan

Kim slams local North Koreans for unfinished power plant

Jul 17, 2018

NKorean leader blasts local officials over unfinished hydroelectric plant as he struggles to boost the economy

China files WTO challenge to US $200B tariff plan

Jul 16, 2018

China files WTO case challenging Trump plan to raise tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion

Correction: US-China Tariffs story

Jul 13, 2018

Correction: US-China Tariffs story

China's trade grows in June amid tensions with Washington

Jul 13, 2018

China's trade grows by double digits in June amid tensions with Washington

Samsung Biologics to face criminal probe on accounting fraud

Jul 12, 2018

South Korea's top financial regulator says Samsung Biologics intentionally breached accounting rules and it would bring the case to prosecutors

China auto sales growth weakens in June amid trade battle

Jul 11, 2018

China's auto sales growth decelerated in June, adding to economic worries facing Beijing amid a worsening trade battle with Washington