Law And Order

Indonesia's Aceh carries out public canings despite pledge

Jul 13, 2018

Conservative Indonesian province publicly canes gay couple, others found guilty of violating Shariah law, despite pledging not to carry out the punishment in public

Vietnam jails 6 of dozens arrested for economic law protests

Jul 12, 2018

Vietnam has sentenced six people to up to two-and-a-half years in prison after finding them guilty of throwing rocks, bricks and gas bombs at police in protests against a proposed law on special economic zones

Thai court acquits migrant poultry workers of defamation

Jul 11, 2018

A court in Thailand dismisses criminal defamation charges brought against 14 migrant workers from by their former employer, a poultry farm they had accused of labor and human rights violations

China sentences veteran rights activist to 13 years' prison

Jul 11, 2018

One day after releasing the widow of a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, China has sentenced a veteran pro-democracy campaigner to 13 years in prison on the vague charge of seeking to subvert state power

Malaysia says mastermind behind 1MDB looting fled Macau

Jul 11, 2018

Malaysian police say fugitive businessman Low Taek Jho, wanted over the looting of state investment fund 1MDB, has fled Macau to an unknown destination

Vietnam arrests phone exec, gov't official over fund losses

Jul 11, 2018

A former mobile phone company executive and a senior communications ministry official have been arrested for alleged economic mismanagement

Thai police: Investigations into boat sinkings are advancing

Jul 10, 2018

Police say their investigations into the sinking of two boats off Thailand's southern resort island of Phuket last week are progressing. The sinking of one boat left 45 Chinese tourists dead and two still missing

South Korea to probe military plan to quell Park protests

Jul 10, 2018

South Korea's president ordered an investigation into a revelation that the military drew up a plan to mobilize troops if protests worsened over the fate of his impeached predecessor last year

Japan cult leader's hanging closes chapter on shocking crime

Jul 6, 2018

The executions of a doomsday cult leader and 6 followers closed a chapter on one of Japan's most shocking crimes, the poison gas attack on Tokyo's subway that woke up a relatively safe country to urban terrorism

The Latest: German government says death penalty cruel

Jul 6, 2018

The German government has described the death penalty as "inhumane and cruel" after Japan hanged seven members of the doomsday cult that poisoned commuters in a deadly subway attack in 1995