Oct 26, 2020

InvestorNewsBreaks – Friendable Inc. (FDBL) to Bring Entertainment to Virtual Stage Through First Official Fan Pass Live Halloween Event

Friendable (OTC: FDBL), a mobile technology and marketing company engaging users through its proprietary mobile and desktop applications, today unveiled a new promotion for all active artists on the Fan Pass platform, offering them a paid promotion prior to any Halloween performances they schedule and broadcast through Fan Pass. As Halloween 2020 is disguised to […]

Oct 26, 2020

Patent Suggests Apple Is Working on Smart Biomedical Glasses

It is commonly known that Apple is working on bettering its offerings in the wellness and health category. The company was recently awarded a patent that indicates that the firm is taking its approach into health a step further with a new invention: biomedical smart glasses. Spotted by Patently Apple, the new patent describes this […]

Oct 26, 2020

Forte 1 Technologies launching Decentralized Finance Solution to provide access for liquidity amongst coronavirus pandem

Harare, Oct 27, 2020 ( - Decentralized finance (DeFi) is disrupting and innovating the financial sector with services that augment the capabilities of traditional financing institutions like banks. Forte 1 Technologies, a technology company that automates arbitrage through Artificial Intelligence (AI), is announcing the launch of its platform for investing and access to liquidity that provides better terms and flexibility than traditional financing institutions. Digital assets are proving to be resilient amidst a backdrop of economic uncertainty brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. However, one challenge faced by investors is finding the right platforms and strategies for investing in the cryptocurrency market. Forte 1 Technologies empowers investors to grow their capital with as little as US$100in short term contracts. Through its F1 Arbitrage Engine, Forte 1 Technologies is able to generate returns hourly by trading various digital assets. The F1 Arbitrage Engine isa cutting-edge data collection and analysis trading bot, which extracts huge sets of live trading data from online exchanges and runs them to ensure profitable trades. Investing in cryptocurrencies can be challenging for both beginner and advanced investors, which includes the process of undergoing know-your-customer (KYC) procedures, establishing a digital wallet, choosing the appropriate asset types, and monitoring the performance of their portfolio. Crypto asset management solutions like Forte 1 Technologies will make investing more accessible to all types of investors by managing the technical and operational aspects, providing growth without a high level of involvement. The platform provides fast settlement, zero trading fees, and one-second transaction time accuracy, in addition to capturing up to hundreds of different trading combinations per second. Investors can withdraw their funds at any time, providing a low-risk and high-liquidity investment option compared to conventional investment tools. The F1 Arbitrage Engine will benefit different stakeholders in the digital asset ecosystem. Investors gain from low barriers to entry, low risk, and high liquidity in their portfolios. Cryptocurrency exchanges benefit because of increased liquidity, higher trading volumes, and larger trading fees. Forte 1 Technologies enables businesses to redefine the landscape of investments, loan portfolios, and arbitrage by providing users a very flexible means to invest their assets while providing significantly higher portfolio growth than traditional instruments. The visionary Elon Musk once said, "It's ok to have your eggs in one basket as long as you control what happens to that basket." When investing your assets, a common phrase is that you have to diversify your assets. In a volatile environment such as the financial markets. Diversity is key. But what about an environment you have control over? In order to truly excel in your field, you need to invest at least 10,000 to have become a professional. 10,000 hours working with computers to build Windows OS. 10,000 hours in practicing music to be the Beatles. Is there any room for diversification when gaining mastery in a single field? This seems to be the case as Forte 1 Technologies are good at what they are doing and keep perfecting their craft, as they stand by their great product with their expertise in this field. In the ever-growing crypto exchange market, companies like Forte 1 Technologies takes trading to new heights. Their mould-breaking platform has no trading fees, and their low barrier of entry for all types of investors interested in gaining exposure in the cryptocurrency market seems like a smart investment choice. About Forte 1 Technologies Forte 1 Technologies is a technology company established in 2020 by a passionate team of computer scientists and engineers with expertise in AI, data analysis, distributed systems, and marketing. Initially founded to provide artificial intelligence platforms to help private companies with their arbitrage needs, Forte 1 Technologies now offer short-term risk-free investment solutions to the masses through its proprietary F1 Arbitrage Engine. For inquiries, please get in touch with Jacob Smith at ContactInfinity Baba Diamond Groupcontact@forte1.tech Source :Forte 1 Technologies This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Oct 26, 2020

Champion Wool Factory Launches The Brand "AusGolden" for American Market in Fall 2020

Following nine years of success in Australia, Champion Wool Factory plans to expand its reach to the Americas Melbourne, Oct 27, 2020 ( - Champion Wool Factory, an Australia-based wool quilt manufacturer today announced its plans to launch their brand, AusGolden, in the United States this fall. This news follows the company exporting products to the US during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and gaining attention and a following. Champion Wool Factory is best known for their blending of traditional materials and craftsmanship with first class technology to create cost effective, yet luxurious, products. Champion Wool Factory will initially release one SKU of their 100% natural Australian wool bedding in the US market under the AusGolden brand. They will launch their flagship All-Season Washable Wool Comforter, which features their unique AirSulation Technology making the wool exceptionally fluffy and light. The premium wool is moisture wicking--regulates the body to the ideal sleeping temperature, even in the warm summer nights--and hypoallergenic, allergen-free, dust mite resistant, breathable, and naturally flame retardant.      AusGolden will also feature a line of natural wool products for the whole home--blankets, pillows, sheepskin throw rugs, and decoratives like wool-filled animal pieces. The entire line communicates a rustic, natural design that works well in both modern and classic home environments. AusGolden's brand mission is "to reconnect people with nature." This direct-to-consumer offering will allow traditional herders & craftsmen to connect with customers on a global scale, allowing people to transform their homes with truly natural products.The CEO, Eric, said, "In recent years, we have noticed a shift toward consumers appreciating all natural products, but not knowing where to find them. So they opt for recycled and artificial materials, which are great in theory, but require a large amount of environmentally damaging production work and supply chains. We want to reconnect consumers with nature - no middle man, just factory to consumer, while honoring the traditions of the Australian plains." The brand prioritizes wool from the Poll Dorset breed of sheep. They grow their fleece from feeding on green grasses and roaming the hundreds of miles of wide-open Australian Hillside. With a climate similar to the Great Plains of the American midwest, nutritious wild grasses, sunlight, and vast blues skies, form the ideal landscape for sheep to live. Champion Wool Factory holds globally trusted certifications--Australian Made, WoolMark Pure New Wool, OKEO-TEX® Standard 100--which ensure the quality and human ecological safety of their products. Wool mill and retail store closings due to Covid 19 have hit the wool industry. Australia's benchmark for wool, the eastern market indicator, shows a price plunge of almost 45% from its 2018 peak to trade at A$11.39/kg. Meanwhile, the country's wool exports declined 35% in April from the previous year. Respondents to a recent WoolProducers Australia survey estimated an average 32.6 percent financial loss to their businesses during this time and further, over half of the respondents are currently not offering wool for sale. Despite industry downturn, Champion Wool Factory plans to adapt by moving sales online. They're confident that the industry will bounce back strong and they are excited to lead the way with AusGolden, driving new business that goes to support growers and suppliers. Andrew Hiscock, a rancher that works with Champion Wool, said, "Eric and Champion Wool have been a reliable partner of ours for over 10 years. They are leading the way back to a thriving economy and this AusGolden launch will bring the best of Australian wool to the American consumers while also supporting rural rancher communities--everybody wins and comes out stronger." The line is expected to launch in November 2020, barring complications from COVID-19 on shipments. More information can be found at About Champion Wool Factory Champion Wool Factory (CWF) from Melbourne, Australia, was established in 2011. It is a prominent local enterprise and a large-scale wool quilt manufacturer that integrates product development, design, production, marketing and other functions in-house.  Media ContactKevin Source :Champion Wool Factory This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

Oct 26, 2020

Hoc Ke Toan Tong Hop Shares Reasons Why One Should Choose Them For High Quality Accounting Courses

Hoc Ke Toan Tong Hop shares reasons why one should choose them for a high-quality accounting course.

Oct 26, 2020

Process Parameters Unveil New Range of Low Cost Thermal Imaging Camera Systems

Process Parameters Ltd talk about their new range of low cost thermal imaging cameras, making thermal imaging in all industries more affordable to all.

Oct 26, 2020

Hoc Ke Toan Tong Hop Shares Pros And Cons Of Studying Accounting Online

Hoc Ke Toan Tong Hop gave the advantages and disadvantages of learning accounting online.

Oct 26, 2020

New Braunfels Plumbing Co. The New Premier Plumbing Company In New Braunfels, TX Launched Their New Website And Is Now Taking Emergency Plumber Calls

New Braunfels, TX October 2020: New Braunfels Plumbing Co. specializes in all phases of plumbing including residential and commercial services in New Braunfels Texas and the surrounding areas. Call for a free estimate or learn about their services over at According to the spokesperson of the plumbing company, they launched their new website with a fast free estimate form in order to service the community better and faster. They offer an array of services, from contract work to repairs and even emergency plumbing services. Their motto is they work with integrity and put customer service priority. The spokesperson also mentioned quality and experience are a must in our industry and we take our work very seriously. If you are in need of an experienced and reliable plumber, or if you just have any questions whether you are a homeowner or contractor feel free to call and ask away (830) 460-5221. For more information, feel free to email the business at You can also visit the website About  New Braunfels Plumbing Co.: Offering quality services operating in New Braunfels, TX. With NBPC, we don’t take shortcuts and we will never hit you with surprise costs or fees. With us, you don’t have to investigate, we provide the most sincere and transparent quality work. Get in touch with any one of our offices to speak with us today! Media Contact: Company Name: New Braunfels Plumbing Co.Contact Person: Mike SeccaEmail: info@newbraunfelsplumbingco.comPhone: 830-460-5221Country: United StatesWebsite: Tweet

Oct 26, 2020

Tencent and WIMI Hologram Continue to Explore in the Field of Unmanned Driving

Hong Kong - Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report 'Tencent and WIMI Hologram Continue to Explore in the Field of Unmanned Driving'. The so-called AR navigation, just as its name implies, uses augmented reality technology to display ordinary navigation content in the form of AR real-world presentations. By deeply fusing the real road conditions captured by the on-board camera in real-time with the AI, a virtual navigation guidance model is generated, and superimposed to the real road to create a navigation screen closer to the real vision of the driver. The newly released AR navigation by Tencent adopts lane-level precise positioning technology, which makes the navigation guidance signs "fit" more accurately and realistically as if they were on the road. Users do not need to think and react, instead, they can make the right decision according to the guidance of navigation intuitively, which greatly reduces the reaction cost of users. The AR navigation system is part of the Internet of vehicles. The new AR navigation released this time adopts the lane-level precise positioning technology, which is more in line with the needs of users and strives to enable drivers to intuitively judge the navigation route. Meanwhile, it can provide practical information such as the number of remaining parking spaces. The navigation information can be directly projected in the front of the front windshield through the mobile vehicle-mounted projection equipment. In specific applications, the AR navigation can not only display basic travel guidance such as navigation arrows and traffic signs, but also combine scene prediction and personal preferences of the user to provide targeted information that the user needs or is interested in. For example, when the user wants to buy clothes, AR navigation will present nearby merchants/discount information. When a user wants to drink milk tea, it presents nearby shops, or even enters an indoor parking lot, and guide the vehicle to an available parking space, while telling the user where the nearest elevator is. In addition, Tencent also allows merchants to update dynamic information, which means that it has bred countless possibilities for commercial realization. According to Wang Wanxin, the general manager of Tencent Auto Union, mass-produced models equipped with Tencent's AR navigation will be on the market this year. WIMI focuses on computer vision holographic cloud services. WIMI found that the application layer has gradually become the advantage of unmanned driving in this industry, and then some demands for unmanned driving will be discovered from this industry. In fact, every step WIMI has taken so far is to respond to the market demand and to cope with it. From the perspective of the value of the industrial chain, WIMI Hologram acts as an intermediate supplier, connecting the SDK operating platform and application developers. Apple, Google, Baidu, and Tencent all have their own AR SDK platforms. While WIMI Holographic, as an intermediate platform, is a supplement to the basic toolkit provided by the SDK platform, allowing users to complete software applications more conveniently. The holographic image processing function of WIMI is regularly optimized and improved, including two core technologies: holographic AI face recognition technology and holographic AI face change technology. Due to the development of video processing and recognition technology, WIMI's holographic AR advertising and holographic imaging services based on image detection, recognition, template matching, image dynamic fusion and replacement are currently in a leading position in the industry. With the development of autonomous driving, people will see various applications and implementations of AR technology in the industry, and automotive equipment requires after-sales updates, which provides necessary opportunities for the corresponding upgrade of AR content and software. Therefore, AR has great development potential. It can be predicted that the market will soon need a platform related to automotive AR. Now, what still needs to be considered is the formulation of a common standard, which means that manufacturers, software developers, and content developers must work together to build a common ecosystem for the upcoming automotive AR. In short, autonomous driving has brought real impetus to the development of AR, but at the same time, AR may also be a key factor in helping the market transition from manned to unmanned driving. In the long run, automotive AR only opens the practical application market of the AR industry, paving the way for AR applications in other industries. About Tailor Insight Tailor Insight provides easy and quick solutions that allow customers to capture, monitor, and audit market data from a holistic view down to an individual task on market research and industry trend insights. For more information, please visit http://www.Tailor Media contact Alex Xie, Senior Analyst Fintech Research Team, Tailor Insight Research info@Tailor http://www.Tailor Tweet

Oct 26, 2020

InvestorNewsBreaks – DGTL Holdings Inc. (TSXV: DGTL) Unveils Channel Partnership Program to Market Subsidiary’s Products

DGTL Holdings (TSXV: DGTL), on behalf of its wholly owned subsidiary Hashoff LLC, has announced a new channel partnership program. Initially launched in July 2020, the new program is designed to market Hashoff’s products to top-ranked digital media publishers who actively sell enterprise-level Content as a Service (“CaaS”) and social media software solutions to Fortune […]

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